Trouble With Your Remote?

Trouble with your remote?

Common Fixes

No lights showing up on your DISH remote when you use it? This problem is typically caused by dead batteries. Try changing the batteries in your DISH remote.

Common Questions

Trying to change the channel but the TV screen says no signal? Try pressing the clear TV button located on the top left of the remote then pressing the input button. Select the correct input your DISH receiver is plugged into and select it. Make sure you re-select SAT located to the left of the clear TV button before changing the channel. 


Step 1

Slide the remote bettery cover off of the back of the remote.

Step 2

Insert the batteries, matching the negative (-) and positive (+) ends of the batteries with the markings inside the battery case.

Step 3

Slide the remote battery cover on the back of the remote, ensuring it clicks closed.


How to put batteries in your remote

Your remote

takes four AAA


What do the DISH remote buttons do?

Take a look at this guide with helpful descriptions!


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