TELCOM during COVID-19

TELCOM is as committed as ever to offering the highest quality of service to our subscribers through our data, video and voice solutions. Second, to best maintain that high level of expectation we set for ourselves and that you demand of us, our Company has implemented policies to best ensure we can deliver these services to our subscribers without compromising your health or our staff members. Those practices include:

The creation of self-installation kits to get you up and running with our service in a timely and safe manner. We have also created a new telephone option for residents to call and talk through the steps should they run into any issues during self-installation.

Raising our standard of cleanliness.  While we already make the cleanliness of our equipment a high priority before installing it in your units, we have multiplied our efforts. All equipment and accessories are handled with gloves, disinfected and wiped down from our warehouse to your door, without exception, and those gloves are disposed of once used. Our Company vehicles have also been detailed in similar fashion.

Promoting social distancing and other federal and state guidelines. TELCOM Technicians are making service and installation calls at the mutual discretion of the technician and the subscriber we are servicing. Our technicians make every effort to minimize time in the unit and will do so while wearing gloves and masks (items disposed of once leaving a unit), and by carrying disinfectant spray and/or wipes with them in their vehicles for tools and body. Our call center is operating under our normal hours with the staff following current federal and state guidelines.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns as we work together to deliver our subscribers  the best possible service while also being mindful of the current circumstances.