Missing Channels

Missing Channels?

Preform a QAM scan if you are missing any of your subscribed channels.

*Find your location and use it’s designated scan range.



qam scan


Step 1

Press the Menu button on your DISH remote. Your main menu will pop up.


Step 2

Select option #6 “System Setup”


Step 3

Select option #1 “Installation”


Step 4

Select option #1 “QAM Setup”

You will see your receiver’s tuner inputs listed on the screen.

Your scan range should be two different numbers. These numbers (if not the same as what is listed in the chart above) need to be changed to the numbers listed in the form above that matches your property name.

For Example: If your scan range states from 57 to 609 and needs to be from 237 of 861, highlight the box that has the incorrect number and change it by typing in “237” and “861”.

Once the scan range has been corrected, select the button that says “Scan” to perform a QAM scan.


This scan can take up to 1 hour to complete.

Once your receiver has finished its scan, press the “View Live TV” button located above the yellow and blue buttons in the middle of your remote control.

Let the receiver acquire signal. The receiver may take up to 5 minutes to acquire signal.

as screen
d channel guide

Let the program guide download. The program guide may take up to 10 minutes to download.

If you are still experiencing issues after completing these steps, please call TELCOM Systems at (757)-216-6800.